Welcome to our comprehensive durag collection, where style meets functionality at its finest. Here at OZ Durag, we take pride in offering a diverse range of USAn durags, meticulously crafted from premium materials like silk, satin, and velvet, to cater to all your needs. Whether you're looking for the sleek sophistication of silk, the smooth comfort of satin, or the luxurious touch of velvet, our collection has you covered. Each durag is designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring not only a perfect fit but also optimal wave maintenance and hair protection. Dive into our collection and discover the perfect durag to complement your unique style, while providing your hair with the care it deserves. Shop now and elevate your wave game with OZ Durag.

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Black Silk DuragBlack Satin Durag
Black Silk Durag
Sale price$14.99
Black Velvet DuragBlack Velvet Durag
Black Velvet Durag
Sale price$14.99
White Silk DuragWhite Satin Durag
White Silk Durag
Sale price$14.99
Purple Silk DuragPurple Satin Durag
Purple Silk Durag
Sale price$14.99
Blue Silk DuragBlue Satin Durag
Blue Silk Durag
Sale price$14.99
Pink Silk DuragPink Satin Durag
Pink Silk Durag
Sale price$14.99
Grey Silk DuragGrey Satin Durag
Grey Silk Durag
Sale price$14.99
Green Silk DuragGreen Satin Durag
Green Silk Durag
Sale price$14.99
Red Silk Duragred durag
Red Silk Durag
Sale price$14.99
Purple Velvet DuragPurple Velvet Durag
Purple Velvet Durag
Sale price$14.99
Brown Silk DuragBrown Satin Durag
Brown Silk Durag
Sale price$14.99
Blue Velvet DuragBlue Velvet Durag
Blue Velvet Durag
Sale price$14.99
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