Purple Durags

Dive into the regal elegance of our purple durag collection at OZ Durag, where fashion meets functionality in a royal embrace. This collection showcases a spectrum of purple hues, from the softest lavenders to the deepest violets, each piece designed to offer both style and practicality. Crafted from luxurious materials like silk and velvet, our purple durags not only ensure your waves are perfectly maintained but also provide a comfortable fit for all-day wear. 

Interested in what we have to offer? Head over to our homepage and delve into the OZ Durag universe. Discover a diverse range of some of the finest durags.

Looking for different color options? Step into the modern sophistication of our ⚪ Silver and Grey Durag Collection. Witness a fusion of contemporary shades and unmatched craftsmanship.

Durags, particularly the striking Purple Durag, have transformed from being just a functional item to a symbol of pride ✊🏿, a reflection of heritage, and a style icon 👑. Whether you're a durag novice or a connoisseur, our collection guarantees unparalleled quality and flair 💎.


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Purple Velvet DuragPurple Velvet Durag
Purple Velvet Durag
Sale price$14.99
Purple Silk DuragPurple Satin Durag
Purple Silk Durag
Sale price$14.99